What happens in vegas stays in vegas

Neon and black paint (300 x 130 cm)

Transposing a popular saying into Morse, the installation applies to a multitude of codes linked to language with its faculty to inform or disinform; concealment and exposure become the two sides of the one and same piece. Located in the heart of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas instinctively connotes an artificial space, fanciful escapes and irrational speculation. The expression was used by American rugby players in the fifties, then signifying that libertarian living in this « glowing oasis » should remain secret. This installation offers an open, but unfathomable landscape, emerging simultaneously as an expanse of land as well as a blockage. On the other hand, each neon resembles editing film broadcasting clandestine stories. The concealment of text, proper to the military domain, is a specific reminder of warlike strategy where information and disinformation are employed as a means of empowerment. Moreover the artwork is presenting merely a title leaving behind the missing artwork as a secondary artifact.