Still Alive

Veinless belgian black marble (50 x 50 x 45 cm)

Sculpted out of veinless black Mazy marble, the bin bag highlights a contradiction between its purpose and the object’s real nature. Bin bags are true to themselves only in so far as they are associated with rejected objects. The choice of marble to create the bin bag is therefore at odds with the function of a bag, the marble’s full, dense structure, clearly unsuitable as a wrap. The contradictions abound: the marble used for this rubbish bag is valuable. It also has considerable weight; and it is often used for tombstones, though in this case it is anonymous and bears no epitaph. Mazy marble has a unique characteristic: compared with others, such as Carrara, its value rises above its competitors’ once its surface has been polished.


Courtesy of Adrien Coroller.