I killed my mom

Structure in black metal and blown neons (300 x 140 x 240 cm)

The neon “I killed my mom” is unreadable at first glance. At the back of the neon’s structure are a set of intermingled electric cables, conveying a sort of abandoned no man’s land. The message on the front is properly grasped once the words are read in the nearby window reflection. This puzzling presentation suggests a confession that cannot be restrained. The impulsive, brutal and direct statement is in total contradiction with the rounded, old-fashioned and genteel typeface used for the phrase. The sentence alludes to the Oedipus myth, though substituting the parent, while the visual reversal of the phrase reinforces this substitution.


Courtesy of Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek, Brussels. Photography by Mikael Falke.