Metal frame & cotton wool (600 x 200 x 200cm)

The distinctive blanket of fog covering the city sky is a constant reminder of Chongqing’s horizon, of how much can be discovered when unraveling the skyscrapers dotting that misty cloak. Clouds and dust mingle with each other to create that mysterious feel; as one walks along the riverbanks, one is taken aback by this city of future dreams and desires. The cloud attempts to rekindle these feelings and projections, which the city has on the individual. By moving the cloud to other sites or cities, its poetic message is transmitted on. Like a hovering thought or fleeting moment in time, the cloud attempts to capture the onlooker’s emotive awareness. The cloud was produced under the « Dam’ Gorgeous » project led by Mobile Institute in Chongqing, China 2011.


Courtesy of Mobile Institute.