Board of Bills

Polished Aluminum Structure and 2 neons (400 x 230 x 200 cm)

No image is displayed, the advertising panel merely reflects or deforms the surrounding landscape. Punctuating the urban landscape, it becomes itself an integral part of it. This framed panorama is seen by the onlooker as a witness of the ‘here and now’ of our existence. The title Board of Bills is a reversal of the term bill board. The ancient Egyptians used obelisks to proclaim laws and treaties that formed the basis of the civic code; the advertising panel is therefore not a free market invention, merely a “softer” control system and a more modern way of promoting the message. Using this specific advertising medium, the installation attempts to reflect a summary of its multiple functions: a place of worship both for imagery and information, a norm, plus the appropriation of intimate desires subordinated to the surrounding space.


Courtesy of Province de Liège. Photography by Mikael Falke.